The inspiration for me to forge a modern and integrated approach to wine marketing comes from my unique and diverse professional background, culminating from prior work in very different industries:

  • My graduate education in psychology has given me the interpersonal insight and communication acumen to engage in open and effective dialogue with clients, allowing for keener sensitivity to their needs and concerns.

  • My early experience in winery hospitality and off-premise sales, along with a formal and rigorous education in enology, viticulture, and wine business, have provided me with a deep sense of familiarity with the industry, instilling me with a keen understanding of the unique market demands on wineries.

  • My recent years of copywriting and content development for the technology sector have given me the marketing and communication savvy to creatively fashion brand-articulating strategies, thereby maximizing the appeal and impact of my clients' products on their potential customers.

  • And finally, my proficiency with today's online tools and technologies affords me the ability to implement a marketing methodology that best meets the multi-disciplinary demands of a modern commercial winery.

These experiences, in conjunction with my enthusiasm for wine and reverence for the passion and talent that produces it, make me an innovative, if unconventional, wine marketer.


As an adjunct to my services to the wine industry, I've created a vibrant and engaging outlet through which to channel my creativity and passion for wine: Vinterviews, a website I've positioned as an online magazine, featuring 'wine views, reviews, and interviews. Leveraging the site to connect with professionals — winemakers & viticulturists, merchants & marketers, competition judges & event directors, prominent writers & media contacts — has given me significant insight into the inner workings of this complex, dynamic, and exciting industry. As a way to promote the site and reach out to other professionals who may be interested in getting featured, I send out a direct-mail monthly newsletter of my own design. I like to think of these online endeavors collectively as a live portfolio showcasing the gamut of my skills in written and visual communication as well as in interactive design and administration — talents I confidently engage in meeting my clients' online & direct marketing requirements.

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